• Alastair Meikle

Hatchards Book Launch - Piccadilly, London - 6th February 2020.

Updated: Feb 22

Thursday 6th February 2020 marked the first book launch, of a book illustrated by hatching and fidgets. The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag. It was held at Hatchards on Piccadilly in London, the Oldest book store in town (apparently). Of course it was Mennas event primarily but I was there displaying the original illustrations, answering all manner of enquiries and assisting in book signing, something I honestly never envisaged doing at any time in my life prior to taking this challenge on. I had small group in tow, i was supported by my partner Sol, my cousin Anna, Joanna and Paul my former colleague and former Boss it was the first time we'd all been in the same room since Ritz Fine Jewellery closed and for me it was nice to experience them again in more auspicious circumstances.

We took over the entire top floor and we were surrounded by the Artist and Photography section, it made a really stunning backdrop to the evenings

activities. It

seemed that virtually no time at all had passed before Simon Taylor the editor at transworld publishers clicked his glass and gave a witty and very complimentary speech about Mennas writing. Then Menna did the same before reading an excerpt and then we got to work signing copies.

It would appear there will be another two books in this series and so you can expect a further 8 illustrations, that is not including the current project, of which all will be revealed soon. It looks like Mennas writing will be a considerable focus for hatching and fidgets over the coming months and years and that's great.

I have struggled over the years to find a place for my was never going to be in the fine art world, not quite comic books or graphic novels either or tattoo's, although people have for the most part enjoyed it, it was never comfortable or fully fitting for one particular area of art. I knew it had to fit somewhere and I'm pleased that I never compromised my style just to make it fit somewhere. It's taken the best of 46 years but I'm confident that given the feedback from Thursday, and for now at least, it works in the world of book publishing.


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