Alastair Meikle

I live and work in Cambridge, UK. In the mid 90's,  I began gradually developing a style of drawing using fine graphic pens and ink. Originating from fashion illustration, all of my work is imaginative and is built up in multiple layers using both dots and hatching techniques and various blends of ink that I mix myself.

In the 00's, I stepped away from drawing to focus on a more stable career path. After retraining to become a gemmologist, I worked as a jeweller, in London's Mayfair at The Ritz Hotel on Piccadilly. Whilst this is a somewhat different environment from an art studio, it is no less creative. it honed my dexterity and in fact sharpened my eye for detail. During that period my creativity was almost entirely focused on display merchandising of exquisitely crafted bespoke diamond jewellery for the windows in their arcade. If you walked down Piccadilly as far as Green Park any time after 2012 then you will have certainly and unwittingly passed my work. I was also responsible for the creation of all digital graphics for the marketing facet of the business. In 2018, I picked up my ink pen once again.

The purpose of my drawings are pure and simply to entertain and they seek to prove nothing except present the viewer with something they may have never seen or imagined before. Few things give me greater pleasure than to observe an individual become utterly absorbed by a really complicated drawing as it begins to unfold. This is why I invest the hours and it pleases me that some pieces I did 20 years ago still have the same effect.I have many many ideas still to get down on paper and I shall share these as and when they are complete.

I have created hatching and fidgets as an online home for my work as it evolves in the years to come, for those who are interested. Since I took nearly ten years off from this type of art, I am starting with not a great deal of content. hatching and fidgets is only focused on new work of 2019 forwards but I shall delve into the archive for specific pieces in the blog.

Thank you and enjoy.


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